Homegrown Talent Makes It BIG

May 5, 2015

Meet Cory Say and Matt Brinker.

Both Texas natives and long-time Dallas residents, Cory and Matt were instrumental in bringing to life some of our biggest work to date – branding the City of Dallas with a social media campaign that proves BIG things really do happen here.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done to bring that message to life all across the city. But we’re even prouder of who did the work. See, anyone can act like a local. But our huge force of homegrown talent, like Cory and Matt, ensures that the experiences we create make authentic connections.

“It was cool to collaborate on such a big piece with a variety of styles,” Matt says. And Cory agrees: “We got the chance to do what we love – draw crazy crap.”

We have a lot of passionate people at TracyLocke. And when we can match those passions with the brands we work on, big things happen.