TracyLocke and Pizza Hut Throw A Supreme Pizza Party 20 Years In The Baking

May 10, 2016

DALLAS, May 10, 2016 – This week, TracyLocke and Pizza Hut are celebrating two decades of partnership between the agency and the world’s largest pizza company. The 20-year relationship, which is a rarity between agencies and clients in today’s business environment, began in 1996 and has evolved into one of the most successful agency/client relationships in TracyLocke history.

In what began as print work and local marketing support, TracyLocke’s responsibilities on behalf of Pizza Hut have significantly increased over the past 20 years. Along with print media, TracyLocke is now responsible for a majority of the company’s Brand Experience touchpoints, such as point-of-sale materials, website design, menu look, and perhaps most notably the brand’s pizza boxes, which are delivered to roughly 5 million homes a week. The company is also a driving force strategically for Pizza Hut, providing creative and brand purpose.

“What you look for in an agency partner is first and foremost a true partner. A partner with tremendous talent, strategic thinking, a willingness to collaborate and great chemistry,” said Jeff Fox, Chief Brand and Concept Officer, Pizza Hut. “TracyLocke has set the benchmark in all of those areas for us and we truly value their partnership and contributions to making us the world’s leading pizza restaurant.”

To celebrate the 20-year anniversary, TracyLocke and Pizza Hut will be hosting a party in Dallas, TX (the global headquarters of both businesses), on Friday, May 13, where they will salute the partnership and shared successes of both brands. Hugh Boyle, TracyLocke CEO, stated, “We are not only proud of the longevity of our relationship with Pizza Hut, but also that it is a genuine ‘partnership’ between client and agency. The place where this is most evident is in the work we produce together, and of this, we are prouder still.”