Ferrero Rocher

Behind the Layers

  • Challenge
    • While people know and love Ferrero Rocher, it was becoming a bit of a habitual Christmas gift. We needed to reintroduce people to Ferrero Rocher in an unforgettable way that would make them appreciate its five distinct layers and uniquely delicious taste.
  • Insight
    • We knew for our audience to reconsider Ferrero Rocher, they needed to experience it in a completely new way.And to appreciate such a complex taste, they needed an experience that’d engage as many senses as possible.
  • Idea
    • We took paying guests on an unforgettable tasting journey through the five layers of Ferrero Rocher. Ferrero Rocher Behind the Layers was an unprecedented, multi-sensory pop-up dining experience that used innovative 360-degree projection technology and food innovation, to surprise and delight guests as they rediscovered the iconic taste of Ferrero Rocher.


millions people as total campaign reach


guests took part to the immersive tasting experience


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