Playlist Collection

  • Challenge
    • While UK shoppers love candles, only a handful will repeat buy the same one. This is mainly due to shoppers’ tendency towards impulse purchase decisions or price promotions.
      To launch Glade’s limited edition Playlist Collection, we needed to cut through the noise and get our audience to remember us when making impulsive home air care decisions.
  • Insight
    • Music and scent have a lot in common. They both stimulate the amygdala – the part of the brain responsible for memory and emotion – and the presence of one can stimulate the other.
    • This research lead us to a revelation – music is more vivid with Glade. So, if you’re listening to music without scent, you’re really only half-listening.
  • Idea
    • We created a pan-European shopper toolkit that invited our audience to tune into a world of scent and sound.
    • Through eye-catching displays, amazing giveaways of Spotify subscriptions and headphones, and access to our exclusive Spotify playlists – we were able to offer shoppers an exciting air care shopping experience that truly struck a chord.