Throne of Freshness

  • Challenge
    • When it comes to home cleaning, Duck aren’t just category leaders – they’re trend-setters. Using a little “duck science” for the Lexus 2 launch in France, Duck identified fragrance as a key driver of choice, attracting a 26% increase in new shoppers and 5% increase in sales. But with this success came copycat competitors. So our challenge was to build on the success of Duck’s new flock of fragrances – revitalizing its position as the trend-setter of toilet care.  
  • Insight
    • Bathrooms are our sanctuary. So fragrances make entering them – and specifically cleaning the toilet – a far more pleasant experience. Smell is also closely linked to association and memory, making fragrance an escape from the dreaded “toilet smell”. Despite this, standard fragrances (like same-old lemon and pine) are used over and again, going against our key insight: shoppers like to change up their toilet cleaner because, after a while, any fragrance becomes the dreaded “toilet smell”.  .
  • Idea
    • Sit on a throne of freshness. The toilet goes by many names – The Lavatory, The Loo, The WC – but none capture its majesty quite like The Throne. It’s a kingdom away from the world! But when the dreaded toilet smell starts to take the shine off, step in Duck. With the brand’s clever wit, we showed shoppers how two new fragrances – Floral Fantasy and Fruitopia – transform the toilet into a sweet-smelling throne of freshness. 


for Best Innovation of H1 2020 in France


value sales in the first 6 months from launch


of total Duck France sales represented as: 23% of Active Clean 13% of Deep Action Gel 5% of Fresh Disc


of Fresh Disc Lexus 2 sales incremental to total CTBC by attracting new buyers to the category*


of sales are incremental to Duck CTBC*


of MTBC Lexus 2 sales are incremental to total MTBC*


of sales are incremental to Duck MTBC*

*March-June 2020 – value sales