GARDENA Handymower

  • Challenge
    • Until now, people with small gardens believed the only mowers around were designed for large lawns. Our task was to launch Handymower – an entirely new type of battery-powered, bindless lawnmower, designed for small lawns – and in turn, help grows Gardena’s future cordless range. To do this, we had to find a territory that set HandyMower apart from the rest of the category and position it as the solution to our audience’s small garden needs.
  • Insight
    • For many people, just because their garden is small, it doesn’t mean they take any less pride in it. It’s still their feature, their center piece, and even their passion. We knew our audience needed a mower that was intimate, delicate, and personal and gave their lawn a lighter touch. However, there was nothing on the market that met their needs, until now.
  • Idea
    • We showed our audience that HandyMower understood what their small gardens meant to them and took an emotive and artistic angle to demonstrate how it can help them transform their small patch of nature into a beautiful art form. Through striking in-store POS, digital activation, and social media competitions, we highlight all the product features they were after and positioned HandyMower as the artistic tool they were looking for.