• Challenge
    • GARDENA and Bosch teamed up to create one battery that powers more than 70 top home and garden tools across multiple brands. Our task was to develop an online campaign that gets shoppers to consider a product from this POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE range, and not only educates, but also reassures them of the many competitive benefits. To do this, we created a concept that would convince shoppers how buying into a system of innovative power tools with one unifying battery, should be a priority.
  • Insight
    • For many, reducing how much ‘stuff’ we have is fashionable. We know that buying less feels good for our homes, our planet, and ultimately, our wallets. Every one of us is reducing what we own because we want to be more sustainable and increase the space around us. So, for today’s thrifty and conscious consumer, it is a joy when things serve more than one purpose. That’s why GARDENA and Bosch have designed one battery, with endless possibilities.
  • Idea
    • We created a digital campaign that demonstrates how these possibilities for the home and garden come from passion projects, not just chores. With one source of power for all tools, shoppers have everything they need to achieve their dream house. The story in our campaign follows a couple who uses the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE battery to power ten example tools from the range so they can renovate their run-down property. Their various hobbies, interests, and personas are paired with these products to get across the many passions they have, and the one battery that makes them all possible.