Eau de Toilette

  • Challenge
    • When shopping for toilet cleaner, shoppers aren’t expecting to be wowed by at-shelf theatre or indulged when using their products at home. With two new bespoke fragrances on their way to market, our challenge was to turn this relatively joyless task into a pleasant one, and to inject a bit of luxury into the loo.
  • Insight
    • Shopping for a new fragranced toilet cleaner is often dull, but choosing a new fragrance for yourself is a wonderful moment of indulgence. We wanted to recreate this exciting experience in the toilet cleaner aisle, surprising shoppers with an extra special shopping experience based on the two new fragrances.
  • Idea
    • Taking inspiration from the fragrance industry and its most popular adverts, we created a luxurious shopper toolkit that positioned Duck as the most premium toilet cleaner on the shelf. This then encouraged shoppers to treat themselves, and their loo, to a little eau de toilette by Duck.


sales uplift during the activation


new-to-category customers