HP Tango – High Impact Display

  • Challenge
    • In our audience’s eyes, there’s nothing glamorous about printers. They’re old, clunky and ugly – and there’s no place for them in people’s modern-day connected lives. Until now. HP has designed a printer set to revolutionise the category – it works through a smartphone and interfaces with apps like Alexa and Google Home to transform the way people print. But to tell its story, we needed to show printing in a whole new light.
  • Insight
    • Technology is a huge part of our audience’s day-to-day lives. They’re constantly checking their smartphones and tapping into their other smart home devices. Because anything that helps to streamline and organise their busy lives is helpful to them. In a nutshell, people want technology that makes their life simpler.
  • Idea
    • With a bespoke, projection-mapped WOW display that was piloted in 9 markets in EMEA, we showcased Tango’s unique functionalities in ways that appealed directly to our audience. Projection mapped animations covered four key brand pillars – from organisation and creativity to family time and life goals – each one highlighting how Tango could enrich people’s everyday lives.