Bug Expert

  • Challenge
    • Pest control is a reactive category: shoppers only tend to think about making a purchase when they have a problem. Then they head straight to the fixture in-store, often choose the cheapest product, and don’t return until they have another problem. Our brief was to give shoppers a reason to stock up on our premium products before a problem arises.
  • Insight
    • Once you truly understand how varied and menacing pest problems can be, it’s only natural that you would turn to the experts to protect your home and family from any future problems. After all, being armed with knowledge means being armed against pests.
  • Idea
    • We created a disruptive, digital in-store and experiential activation for the Spanish grocery retailer landscape – inviting shoppers to Meet the Bug Experts through an interactive VR game. The game educated shoppers about pests in the home by challenging them to select the correct product, then to target, and eliminate the pests they see as they moved through each room. When whole-house was pest free, they could call themselves aBug Expert too.